Vision – Mission – Goals

The educational philosophy of the University of Batna is based on the policies of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research based on the integrated approach to science, which means the unity of science and its integration and human unity. This integrative approach was chosen through a theoretical, conceptual, conceptual and theoretical perspective to become a university with the following visions:
(1) A leading university locally, regionally and internationally through scientific and research excellence and applying quality standards.
(2) A university that has the ability to compete in the field of innovation and the sustainability of scientific and research excellence.
(3) University attracts both scientifically and research.
4. A community university that strives to achieve a prominent role in the local, regional and international community.
To contribute effectively to the overall economic and social development of Sudanese society in general and rural society in particular, by studying the environment in its broad framework to link it with education, research and training to complement the vision of comprehensive development programs.
The University of Batna strives to achieve the following objectives:
(1) Providing distinguished services in various fields.
(2) Innovation in the transfer, production and dissemination of knowledge.
(3) Providing continuous and varied learning opportunities.
(4) stimulate free critical thinking.
(5) Promotion of distinguished scientific research.
6 – instilling the spirit of responsibility and creativity in the student producer and future leader.
(7) Contribute to the welfare of Sudanese society.
(8) Ability to meet the educational, economic, health, research and social needs of the community
(9) Effective and constructive contribution to the service and development of society
10 – Sensation of the requirements of the stages and the future Rui and education and scientific research excellence.