Registration in the Master Program


Master’s program in the following disciplines:

Accounting and Financial Management Management information systems Economy
information technology Mathematics Physics
Chemistry sciences Biology Arabic
English Libraries and Information history
Geography Business Administration Law
Islamic Studies (Modern Sciences, Jurisprudence and its Principles, Interpretation) Computer Science
Education in all disciplines (Psychology, Teaching Methods, Special Education, Kindergartens)
Required papers for registration in the Master’s Program:

– A copy of the high school certificate certified by the education and foreign from the country from which the certificate was issued

– A copy of the bachelor’s degree attested by the education and foreign affairs of the country from which the certificate was issued

– Copy of passport + 8 personal photos

– Submit original certificates

– Study, supervision and discussion in Turkey

– The graduate receives an accredited certificate from the University of Batna and higher education and foreign in Sudan

To enroll in the Masters program

8 + 5 =