PhD program

Program Goals :

The MSc program aims to meet the needs of the community as much as possible through

1. Contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge in all its branches through specialized studies and scientific research to access innovative scientific and applied additions in the field of management.
2. Enable students with university degrees to continue their graduate studies to obtain a master’s degree.
3. Contribute to the rehabilitation of national administrative competencies capable of managing institutions efficiently and effectively, in the governmental, private and private sectors.
4. Preparing competent and qualified cadres and cadres capable of meeting the needs of the Palestinian society in the modern administrative fields by providing them with appropriate theoretical and applied knowledge, with a focus on studying the practical cases and analyzing them to acquire the necessary skills in many areas of leadership and leadership.
5. Assisting in solving administrative problems facing the management of the governmental and business sector institutions in Palestine and seeking to improve and develop them through the modern policies related to the fields of study that are consistent with the Palestinian environment.
6- To improve the scientific and practical level of Palestine students in order to serve the purposes and requirements of higher education.
7. Providing material and moral effort to those wishing to complete their higher studies in various fields, especially rare ones.
8. Contribute to the enrichment and development of scientific research in the field of administrative sciences, which contributes to the development of cadres interested and develop strategies for modern administrative work in the field of administrative sciences.

Graduation Specification:

The program seeks to provide the pilot specifications of the graduate and includes the following:

1. A qualified student capable of responding to the needs of the Palestinian community in the fields of leadership and management.
2. Ability to contribute to solving administrative problems and problems of human resources management and development in the various main sectors.
3. Ability to provide theoretical and applied knowledge, to draw the administrative policies of decision-makers in the field of qualification leaders and pioneers.
4. Ability to enrich academic work and scientific research in the administrative and leadership fields.
5. Increase and develop the ability of the graduate to use the computer and the Internet in advanced preparation of research and see the latest developments in the field of management and development in accordance with international visions and standards.
6. The graduate’s interaction with local, regional and international issues, so as to enrich the reality in the higher administrative levels in the public sector institutions and business organizations in Palestine in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular, which helps in the development and development of the institution.

work fields :

The program focuses on providing the graduates with a range of skills and abilities that will gain the competitive advantage of working in the following areas:

1. Administrative and interested researchers to formulate administrative and leadership policies and management policies of States.
2. Managing and leading countries in the future.
3. Experts in the field of management and leadership in public institutions, and consultants to develop and invest in the best international management and leadership strategies.
4. Evaluating and improving the systems related to the management of the State and the different work units within the organizational structure in public sector institutions.